How long does it take to make a custom order?

That depends on the your order. Sometimes we can make the order within 24 hours especially if it is a custom name or an item modified from other items.

With some orders, we might need to get from overseas, which takes 3-4 weeks sometimes. Moreover, and due to COVID-19 restrictions, shipments might take longer times that we do not have any control on it.

Why gold prices are different between buying and selling ?

There are many factors to consider in selling and buying gold. The price for new item to buy from a jeweller usually includes the gold prices plus the accessories which include: the gold losses, the factory labor, the shipping costs from factory (especially for imported items), the custom fees (tariff), the supplier profit margin, and finally the retail margin profit.

On the other hand, a used item when sold back to a jeweller, should only include the gold price without any accessories. Therefore there is always this difference between selling and buying prices.

Why gold prices are not stable and always changing?

As a precious metal, gold has international values that is changing continuously, sometimes within a few minutes everyday. Accordingly jewellers can not maintain the same gold price and should always follow the market price.

Why the price for a custom made item is higher than regular price for even a similar or the same item?

In gold jewellery industry there are usually factories that produce jewellery products in big amounts. This way safes time and labor. However, asking for one or even a few items is not always possible and economical for a factory to produce. therefore jewellers ask individual goldsmith workshops to make such custom orders in small amounts. Such orders usually cost more because similar amount of labor and time is given to a few items instead of making a big amount of products.

So for example, making a specific ring would require the goldsmith to melt gold, mill it, cut it, design it, solder it, sizing, doing the finishing, setting the stones, stamping…etc.

Can you help me figure out the karat and value of my jewellery products?

Of course! We are committed to check your jewellery items and give you information about their karat, weight and market value. This will be completely free of charge. However, if you like to get official certified appraisal for any items, we can obtain that certificate for you under small cost.