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jewellery Repair

At Babylon Jewellery you should be able to get solutions for most of your defected jewellery products. We can fix almost all the damages that happen to your jewellery items. With LAZER technology nothing is impossible!!

We trade and buy

 You can trade your used or broken jewellery items with new ones or you can just sell for the peak prices that are momentarily updated according to international gold prices. The chart on right showing the hourly gold price changes and the current OZ price in USA dollars. Knowing that each  OZ= 31.1 gm

ring resizing

We can up-size or downsize your rings and wedding bands in most cases. The new sized item would look perfect as if it was never resized. This process is done sometimes by laser to protect close stones from damage. 

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Its always useful to invest in precious metals. Money lose value over time due to inflation while rare and precious metals such as gold, platinum, and silver, keep their value and even become more expensive over time. Always think about investing  in those metals to make more money.

One more important thing to remember about investing in precious metals is that you can sell them in no time while most other assets need days, or even weeks, to be sold.

Coins mix

Jewellery POLISING

Just watch this video and see the huge difference before and after cleaning. We clean your jewellery for FREE! What are you waiting for? 

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We can help change your watch battery and adjust the bracelet size. Best prices and quick service. Bring your watches to us now!

appraisal certificates

You can always have a certified appraisal for your jewellery items specially those with precious stones such as diamond. The appraisal would include the real market value on the day of making the appraisal. The certificate would also includes detailed information about your jewellery such as the metal karat, color and weight as well as the stones’ size, clarity, cut, and color. A picture of the item will be added to the certificate which an be issued with the owner’s name on it. Remember that  insurance would ask for your appraisals in case the insured item was lost, stolen or damaged…etc. Why wait? Make your jewellery appraisals NOW!

laser repair

Some broken jewellery products may not be fixable with the traditional flame devices therefore laser technology is used. This mostly happens when dealing with delicate jewellery or those with stones very close to the broken part. Bring your jewellery to have them safely fixed by laser.

stone setting

Stones sometimes fall or get lost from a jewellery item. Do not sleep on your missing stone. Bring it and have it fixed. Remember, sometimes the neighboring stones might start to fall if the original missing stone was not fixed. 



Beading and other services are also available. Tell us how we can help.

Location is everything

Come see our nice location with all kinds of services and nice community.


Engraving on pendents, ID bracelets and wedding bands is always nice and many people like to do it on their jewellery. There is mechanical and laser engraving. 

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