Custom Orders

Custom Orders

What are custom Orders?

Custom orders can be jewellery items to order from overseas or items that we customize for you in Canada, either to manufacture from scratch, such as names, or to modify existing items for you.

To check some of the products that we can order (import from overseas) for you, please check the 14 Karat list and the 21 Karat list for available items to order.  You can also bring us images of items that you like so that we check availability with our suppliers. 

If you like to customize a product such as a name, yo can always contact us about details.
Some name and customized products are shown below

All kinds of orders must be made according to our policy statement.

Mom n daughter

Special names

Any name design you like or design yourself is possible to make at Babylon Jewellery. Show us what you like and we can make it for you. We can also suggest some designs that could match your choice.

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